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I earned my BS in Psychology (1999) from The Ohio State University and my PhD in Clinical Psychology (2006) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Ohio. While at Miami, I received training in humanistic therapies (client-centered, emotion-focused, constructivist), archetypal, and psychodynamic approaches.  Although I have infused feminist values and cognitive-behavioral techniques into my therapy approach, I remain a humanist at heart.  In non-psychology speak, this means I consider the caring relationship I form with clients to be critical in promoting change.  It also means I am not just concerned with reducing symptoms (such as panic or unwanted eating behaviors), but with helping you live a meaningful, whole-hearted life.  Finally, I have a strong belief in helping clients use emotions as guides, and I tailor my interactions to each client. 


I did my pre-doctoral internship at the University of Illinois Counseling Center and stayed on as a staff member for several years.  I developed my expertise in eating disorders while working with this student population.  I provided assessments, individual therapy, and group therapy for individuals with a range of eating and body image concerns.  I also provided outreach and prevention services in this area, notably working to bring the Reflections Body Image program to this campus. 



When I moved to Dayton, I joined Patricia J Hayes, PsyD and Associates in 2011.   I worked part-time in this group practice so that I could spend time with my daughter when she was young.   This practice was a great fit, with opportunities to continue working with the full spectrum of eating disorders.  I provided individual therapy and created a therapy group for eating concerns.


At the end of 2015, I launched my solo practice.  I continue to focus on disordered eating (bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, compulsive exercising, body image).  I provide individual therapy for adults and also run a therapy group for eating disorders/body image.  Other areas of interest: college students, depression, post-partum issues, motherhood, and relationship concerns.  A final area of interest for me is LGBTQ identity and well-being, and I proudly consider myself a straight ally.  When I’m not at work or at home with my husband and daughter, you might find me playing French horn with the Centerville Community Band, running, or camping with my Girl Scout troop.

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